Monday, June 23, 2008

The Number of the Beast of Revelation

Question:- You make a interesting case for the Beast's number 666 equaling the Hebrew spelling of Caesar Nero, but hasn't the same the same been done for one of the Popes? Are there other evidences that John was referring to Nero specifically?

by Kenneth Gentry

(1) Theoretically, the numerical value could fit many names. But the fit must be relevant.

(2) John specifically declares the events of revelation "must shortly take place" (1:1; 22:6) because "the time is at hand" (1:3; 22:10). The papacy arose hundreds of years later.

(3) John is writing to seven historical, first-century churches (1:4, 11; chs. 2 and 3) who are presently undergoing trials (1:9). One of the cries in Revelation is "how long" (6:10). The answer: "a little while longer" (6:11).

(4) The numerical value fits in both the textual form (666) and the important variant (616). One using a Hebrew spelling (in a very OT oriented book composed with an Hebraic grammar); the other using a Latin spelling (apparently to help non-Hebrew readers to understand it).